Monday, May 31, 2010

Article Title: Length and Brevity Suggestions

Here is the next edition of the Article Writing and Marketing: Article Title Training Series.

Ask yourself: “Is my article title long enough?”

1. Consider expanding your article title by forty percent
(40%). Evidence suggests that longer article titles
produce more views per article vs. short article titles.

2. Longer article titles can also increase your reprint rate
and value. The narrower the focus, the more
specialized the reprint website and the more qualified
the visitor/reader. This results in a greater referral rate
of traffic to your website.

Tip: For, your article title can be up to
100 characters long. Make your article title just a little
longer than what might feel comfortable and you will often see
a higher return from your article in terms of how much traffic
it can attract for you.

3. A good article title length is greater than 70 characters
but less than 100 characters.

Also, Ask yourself: “Does my article title use clear and concise wording?”

1. Get to the point. Do not use exclamatory wording like
“You Don’t Want to Miss This” or “This is a Must Read”
in your article title to induce urgency. It usually just
induces annoyance. If your article is good, you don’t
need it in your title. Focus on the article topic.

2. Rambling on and on in your article title shows a lack
of respect for your readers time. Most people make the
mistake of spending 99% of their time on the article
body and 1% on the article title. Instead, put 20% of
your time on the article title and 80% on the article

3. Don’t use slang. It will often backfire, especially if your
English-speaking reader did not grow up in your same
country or with your same life references. Be direct
and be sensitive to cultural misunderstandings when
choosing your article title.

4. Brevity is golden. Start with a long article title with
multiple hooks into your key topic and then continue
to ask yourself how you could tighten up the article
title without sacrificing your intended article title

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