Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fulfill the promise


Today, I was quite busy with work at the office, causing the post of advertise only be done at night.

I apologize to all those who are selected today because quite late in their ads promote.

However, it will still be on the cover of PNA for several days. God willing. That's our promise.

So, tonight I fulfill my promise to advertise your business blog, and a total of 10 blogs I have prepared for the advertised. Congratulations to the 10 owners who successfully selected.

Let's meet with 10 people who have chosen :

1. Mira Suriati Binti Ismail

2. Azzuah Harun

3. Saniah Md Saaid

4. Nurul Ain

5. Salmah

6. Anuar

7. Kak AS

8. Zefa Nor binti spokesman Roman

9. Sara Russly

10. Maziah

All that I do, really hope that I can help you expand your business. I always pray, the best for you all.

Finally, to all who have become my friend on facebook, I say thank you. For those who have not become my friend, I hope to add as your friend. simply, search this email. portalniagaanda@gmail.com and add me as your friend. Hope we can get more close. InsyaAllah..

- P.A -

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