Monday, May 24, 2010

Today is Our Anniversary :)

Actually this is a very meaningful day for  my husband and me. This is because today is our wedding anniversary. After eight years getting married, and had been given two child, we're very grateful for the gift which Allah gave to us.

Also really thankful to my husband  for giving me a very meaningful gift. I'm sure you're also really want to know, what the gifts I received from her husband, right? :)

Ok. This is the gift that I meant. D5000. Very - very grateful to my husband for replace my camera that was stolen two months ago. Praise be to Allah, because i've got the much better.

So, my advice, do not sorrow if you're facing a problem or trial, because there would be better thing waiting for you. Confident of Allah's promise. What should we do, be patient. God willing, Allah will replace with more better one. InsyaAllah..

And my prize to my husband .. :)
Lee Cooper. Hope my husband was pleased with the gifts that I've give. Although prices are not comparable to D5000, but I hope her husband will appreciate it. :)

( brown colour )

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